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English (Paper 2 & Essay Writing)

English is the most important Secondary School subject.

Why? It is compulsory to be calculated into the L1R5 score for Junior Colleges and L1R4 for Polytechnics but more importantly, English is the world’s business language. Whether its for securing a job in the future, or being an effective communicator or just excelling academically, good English is an absolute necessity!

However, despite being the most important subject a student can learn, English is often overlooked. Parents tend to see Math and Science as the more important subjects. There are many students who ace all their subjects in their O Levels but do poorly for English, pulling down their overall L1R4/5, and that is something we want to ensure our students here at Success Learning Centre avoid.


For English, there is no specific correct answer, unlike Math and Science. To excel, students need to have a very strong command of the language and also good general knowledge. This is the core of our English programme. The topics we cover always relate to current world events, broadening their general knowledge. We train our students to be able to comprehend complex texts across a wide range of topics and to write intelligent compositions.

Our students leave us as confident young adults, able to hold their own in any given conversation.

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