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Math Tuition

Sharpen your child’s problem-solving skills and competency.

Math has been closely linked to the ability to solve problems. Many subjects in your child’s future education is based on math. Subjects like physics, chemistry and economics, just to name a few, all involve math. Our math programme will ensure that your child is proficient with numbers and has a strong set of problem-solving skills essential in their everyday lives. Instead of only addressing your child’s current struggles with mathematical concepts, we will go right into their foundation and identify any weak links and eliminate them.

With a sturdy foundation in Math and top class problem-solving skills, your child will be able to answer questions in exams no matter how complicated it might be. Our tuition center will provide your child with a range of questions with different levels of difficulties to ensure your child’s confidence in answering difficult questions is built. On top of training your child to be more than competent for the PSLE, we will train him or her for the future.

English Tuition

Do you want your child to be able to freely express himself confidently?

English is the first language in Singapore and is essential for communication, both verbal and written. More than just scoring well in exams, having a good command of English is necessary for the everyday and professional life to come.  In primary school, the foundation of a child’s English must be developed properly to allow your child to express himself well.  With us, your child will be able to converse confidently with anyone, anywhere. We will train him or her to be able to communicate clearly and palatably across all platforms- essays, presentations, meetings etc. 

We will drill into your child a strong foundation to assist your child with many other subjects such as mathematics and science where your child will be better able to understand the questions and the concepts.  A good variety of topics will be given to your child to expose him to a wider horizon of everyday events. We will train your child to be more than competent in his English Paper 2 and be able to write creatively.

Science Tuition

Success’ Science Program is uniquely designed to unlock every student’s inquisitive mind, and to nurture their interest in Science, not just academically but also to understand how things work in their everyday life.

Our programme is designed to turn the understanding of Science concepts into application in exam papers. Your child will be trained in our methodical step-by-step approach of analysing and answering questions. In our sessions, instead of just memorising textbooks, your child will have a deep understanding of each topic, learn processing skills, use the right keywords to tackle questions and possess the techniques to answer open-ended questions.

In just a few months, we will turn your child into confident little scientists ready for exams and for the real world!

Chinese Tuition

Mastering Chinese in this day and age promises extreme results.

It is widely agreed and accepted that Chinese is the best language to learn to get an advantage in life. China’s economy has been expanding and is continuing to rise as a global superpower. And in this period, China has opened herself to the world, making the Chinese language an essential skill. Anyone who is well versed in Mandarin is now able to communicate with over a billion people.

Success’ Chinese programme is a holistic academic and conversational curriculum for primary school students. Our tutors will make make learning Chinese interesting. We will expose your child to the beauty of the language and bring them to appreciate its nuances and encourage them to see Chinese as more of a means of communication and not just an academic subject. With an interest in Chinese, he or she will master the language and build a strong foundation and be competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing to succeed academically in school and more importantly, in life.

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