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About Us

Do you struggle with your child’s education and after school care?

Club Success is a new service provided by SLC to extend our service to our community of learners. Having taught more than 7,000 students and worked closely with parents for 21 years, we see the need to relieve working parents of the academic stress caused by the highly rigorous Singapore education system. Amidst the nations’s continuing effort to help all students realise their full potential through developing their passion, Club Success aims to support this cause by offering an alternative to traditional student care services.

Time-tested curriculum of over 20 years

Sound pedagogies and instructional strategies delivered by NIE trained educators

Tacit knowledge of whole-child development

Track record of strong parent engagement

Be part of the movement to let your children develop their capabilities and for you to reclaim quality family time.

At Club Success, our NIE-trained teachers will supervise your children’s development to help them discover the joy of learning and learn life skills to enrich themselves and the people around them.

Spend your evenings playing board games and enjoy their growing-up processes without academic burdens. Use weekends to explore the nature and let it heal your tired minds.

Your Savings

Enjoying all the services at only $600 per month, you will save:

  • Up to 1,000 per month on tuition fees for personalised English, Mathematics and Science tuition.
  • Up to $300 per year on assessment books.
  • Many hours of homework supervision (at the cost of family bonding time)

We offer

Nutritious meals

Personalised and targeted coaching

STEAM as access points for guiding children’s inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Whole-child development

Participatory approach in parents’ engagement.

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