Success Learning Centre.

Founded in 1997 by Mrs. Pauline Ong, a school teacher with over 20 years of experience. SLC is one of the established premier Learning Centres with excellent track records.

About Us


Our aim is to be the most resourceful learning centre in Singapore for students to excel through reinforcement of their school work and enrichment programmes. We do this by providing a conducive and creative environment together with our team of experienced and highly motivated school teachers to help each and every student to achieve the very best of their abilities.

Why Choose Us

At SLC, our team of warm and caring teachers helps to maximise your child’s potential to make this headstart.

We do so by working towards these following goals:

Thorough lesson preparation

Setting long range goals, individual objectives, sound evaluation procedures and relevant student activities.

Utilizing effective teaching strategies

Through lesson summary, independent practice and continuous monitoring of student’s work.

Encouraging student self-discipline and promoting positive relationships

Setting parameters for classroom behaviour, providing opportunities for success, encourages positive student self-image and recognises and praises achievement.


Providing specific evaluation

Feedback with reinforcement and encouragement, returning worksheets and test results promptly, organising group and one-to-one conferencing.

Motivating students

By setting challenging expectations, encouraging questions and discussion while stimulating creative expression and critical thinking.

Demonstrating knowledge of curriculum/subject matter

Setting an appropriate level of difficulty, using illustrations and examples along with the knowledge of current trends and up-to-date information.

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