Pre-Primary 1

On admission to Primary One, children are not used to the very structured and heavy Primary One syllabus. There is indeed a great leap from K1 and K2 to Primary One in terms of teaching methodology and modes of assessment. As a result, many children find it difficult even to make a headstart at Primary One.

Here at SLC, this special course, “Primary One English/Mathematics/Chinese Preparatory Course” helps your child to handle this crisis. It is designed on the concept of timely education. Intensive international research by leading educationists have concluded and confirmed that the initial years of a child’s education have the most important bearings on his academic performance in the later years. The Primary One Preparatory Course is designed with this research result in mind so as to provide a strong headstart towards success for future learning.

The whole concept of the course is a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable Pre-Primary One education. Do not let them miss this opportunity once in their lifetime.