English Creative Writing

The Principal personally developed and designed this course in 1997 based on her 20 years of teaching experience in both Primary and Secondary schools. It is still constantly being upgraded to meet the ever-demanding expectations of school standard. As a result of the proven excellence, many students come to SLC not through advertisements, but through the strong recommendations of those who have achieved tremendous improvement from this course. The cohorts at SLC come from all corners of Singapore. Parents find it worthwhile travelling so far to attend such courses at SLC because we have helped many students to score A-star in PSLE English year after year.

Children write more efficiently if they are motivated, interested and encouraged to progress individually in a caring, non-threatening and conducive atmosphere. Our teachers are dedicated and well versed in modern whole language teaching techniques. In this course, writing skills are taught creatively and vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and grammar are taught in a natural, informal manner. Strict and elaborate marking is used as a way of encouraging written output dealing with specific errors in turn.

Each student progresses at his or her own pace with confidence and increasing interest. Constant monitoring of progress is assured. We encourage less motivated pupils by providing stimulating, interesting lessons based around a broad selection of topics. Brainstorming and discussion increase student’s interest in writing not only for securing good results but also for pleasure. Students are motivated to read up widely to increase vocabulary, knowledge and fluency.

Through this course, students develop their personal writing style and increase their writing fluency and competence. They definitely learn to write coherently for a number of reasons, not just only to pass examinations. This course is designed to give students authentic reasons for writing and to foster an awareness of style and a knowledge of different types of topics. Grammar structure, vocabulary and spelling are taught. Correct use of writing aids like the dictionary and thesaurus is inculcated. Intensive and critical reading is encouraged throughout the course to make students become successful confident writers.