High Achievers

Student receiving an award.

Year after year, we at Success Learning Centre (SLC) take pride in our work and this can be evidenced by the tremendous positive feedback we receive from parents. Many new students have made marked improvements as they progress through with us. For those who have joined us for a number of years, they continue to progress and maintain high standards in their school academic results.

There is therefore every reason to be confident with SLC because majority of our students who sat for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) scored a minimum of all ‘A’s in their results.

We like to showcase some of our students who have achieved top grades:

It has been our standard practice to publicize students’ profile with good results over the years until year 2006. As of 2007 onwards, we have a decrease in the number of profile due to a major reason. There is an alarming increase in the number of humble parents who wish to keep their children’s overwhelmingly excellent result confidential.

Over these few years, as usual, a lot of our students are still achieving good progress awards and continuing to maintain top positions in their schools. We do of course wish to share the success of these high achievers here. However, with due respect to the privacy of these parents who wish to keep low profile, we regrettably have to significantly reduce our list of high achievers. Nevertheless, with much difficulty, we have still managed to gather a proportion of helpful parents to testify by providing us their children’s certificates.