Our Teaching Team

SLC has a dynamic and dedicated team of retired, current, ex-school, trainee and experienced teachers who are specialists in Primary and Secondary education. They are chosen for their patience in motivating children to achieve success. Every teacher who joins the Centre needs to have a minimum of three years teaching experience in schools, good academic results and be proficient in both written and oral skills. Upon recruitment, they have to help the Centre to run all the courses in the same specific way that the Principal wants, to ensure standardization and success. All the teachers have to meet standards and expectations of the Management.

The teachers at SLC have good classroom management. There is control of the class by these teachers and also respect for teachers’ authority by the pupils. The teachers achieve this without generating fear, especially the fear of speaking or participating actively in the classroom during the learning process. In addition, the teachers do not stiffle creativity and initiative in the classroom. The teachers’ positive attitude and enthusiasm generally command the pupils’ respect and are able to motivate them to learn and achieve results.

All the teachers at SLC possess important attitudinal qualities such as:-

  • Being approachable, warm, friendly and sincere
  • Being consistent, firm and fair
  • Having empathy and trust in pupils’ learning capabilities
  • Being sensitive to different pupils’ needs
  • Being encouraging and supportive
  • Being genuinely interested in the course she is teaching