Our Principal

The Principal of Success Learning Centre (SLC) is an Institute of Education trained teacher.

When she founded SLC in 1997, she already had 20 years of teaching experience in both Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore. Throughout her teaching career, she pursues professional growth by participating in new learning opportunities. She constantly keeps abreast of developments related to teaching methodology. She has even been awarded a Certificate with Distinction in Active Communicative Teaching by RELC, sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Responsibility and self motivation are her two distinctive leadership qualities. With skills in Human Relationship and a love for children, she leads a team of dedicated I.E. and N.I.E. trained teachers at SLC to enable your child to secure school results with flying colours. She develops the Centre’s curriculum and ensures that all teachers adhere strictly to the curriculum. Over the years, the curriculum has been refined and updated to maximize the potential of each and every student at the Centre, and at the same time to keep up with the development in the educational arena.

Based on her personal philosophy of using one’s ability to the fullest and practising it without preaching only, she is constantly upgrading herself. The role of educators today has always been to prepare learners for an active role in society. As our cultural foundation embraces the use of digital media to communicate and contribute, educators must adapt to these changes. With this upgrading, she has further developed the skills and competencies that impact on the students’ learning through the utilization of technology.

Using this knowledge of Information Technology, she is now applying it to her teaching with her interesting multi-media presentation in every lesson at Secondary level. Students even get tips for their school projects and referral to renowned colleges and universities from her.

Many of her students, having a good foundation built through her meticulous effort, warmth and dedication, have graduated with Honours and Master degrees or are now pursuing professional courses in NUS and NTU. Many have even secured scholarships to study in top universities in UK and USA. Most of these students still keep in touch with her and have agreed that SLC was their motivation and driving force in their earlier years, serving as a springboard for their success. With her stringent and competent guidance and teaching, her own daughter and son, having also gone through the same programme at SLC, are now studying Medicine and Law at Oxford University.

With so much confidence and achievements, we assure you that your children will also be guided in a very systematic approach to achieve success when you sign them up for our programme. Our quality programme and enriching experience in the heart of Serangoon North since 1997, have enabled us to fulfill and affirm our motto “Quality Proven Over Time”.