Our Objectives

At SLC, our team of warm and caring teachers helps to maximise your child’s potential to make this headstart.

How? We work towards the following goals:

Displaying thorough lesson preparation

  • long range goals
  • individual objectives
  • sound evaluation procedures
  • relevant student activities

Utilizing effective teaching strategies

  • preview review
  • modelling
  • guided practice
  • lesson summary
  • independent practice
  • continuous monitoring of student’s work

Motivating students

  • sets challenging expectations
  • encourages questions and discussion
  • stimulates creative expression and critical thinking

Providing specific evaluation

  • feedback with reinforcement and encouragement
  • returns worksheets and test results promptly
  • group and one-to-one conferencing

Demonstrating knowledge of curriculum/subject matter

  • appropriate level of difficulty
  • uses illustrations and examples
  • knowledge of current trends and up-to-date information

Providing for individual needs

  • enrichment
  • remediation

Maximizing students’ time on task

  • begins lessons promptly
  • avoids unnecessary delays
  • minimizes transition time

Encouraging student self-discipline and promoting positive relationships

  • sets parameters for classroom behaviour
  • provides opportunities for success
  • encourages positive student self-image
  • recognizes and praises achievement