For Parents

A Note To Parents From The Principal

Dear Parents of SLC Children,

Welcome to Success Learning Centre (SLC).

I founded SLC in 1997 after 20 years of teaching experience in both Primary and Secondary Schools. I started teaching at the Centre with only a handful of less than ten students. Through my resourceful in-house programmes, teaching and warmth as a dedicated and caring teacher, more and more students come to the Centre and are achieving excellent results. I have started to put into practice my belief that if I enjoy what I am doing, I have an enormous capacity to expand the Centre to let more children benefit from the courses conducted at the Centre.

Now I have a full team of motivated, enthusiastic, specialist teachers who have been chosen for their shared belief in my teaching philosophy and mission.

However, I still do not want to lose or forget both the joy and difficulties I had in those early days. I am keeping in touch with my pioneer students, many of whom are now in junior colleges, Polytechnics and Universities. They love coming to SLC to have casual “chit-chats” with me. They even send emails to me now and then. They are doing all these because I have made the environment welcoming and valued each and every student as an individual. These important ingredients will never change.

As a Principal/Supervisor at SLC, I set goals and uphold the quality standard of the Centre, assuring the best educational opportunities and facilities possible for your child. I manage parents’ feedback and provide relevant consultations and even counselling session. I manage the Centre’s daily operations, guide teachers and programmes and confer with parents for their child’s academic achievement and personality development. All these can only be possible with a genuine and sincere love for teaching as a profession. Last but not least, I coordinate and implement programmes, plan learning experiences, overall development and success in a safe, healthy and motivating environment.

Though SLC has now become a full-size learning centre, I still maintain the essentials for an ideal learning situation. Since its inception, SLC has come a long way to be the best learning centre in the heart of Serangoon North. We pledge and continue to provide stimulation, motivation, individual care and attention, and an atmosphere free from pressure . One further ingredient for ideal learning is a good model, the teacher. With the teaching team I have in place, I am confident that we are able to provide you and your children with all the essentials mentioned.

Over the course of the School Year, I look forward to many contacts with you. Here’s wishing you and your children SUCCESS in all your endeavours.

Very Truly Yours,

Mrs Pauline Ong

Principal & Supervisor